Our Team

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What We Do

Tennis To College and Beyond provides financial and coaching resources for aspiring tennis players in order to provide a path for higher education, self esteem, and life skills.

Our organization strives to encourage young tennis players to reach for the stars. The kids supported by Tennis to College and Beyond are incredible athletes who want nothing more than to play in college and/or on the professional tour. Every donation, big or small, helps them with their journey to success.     


Tennis To College and Beyond provides young athletes who aspire to use tennis as a means to achieve higher education, resources and opportunities they may not have on their own. Every student receiving support is truly an inspiration and incredibly deserving of any pathways we are able to open for them. These Champions have the heart, desire, talent, and work ethic, now they just need an opportunity!

Higher Education

We see education as a key to opportunity in life. Each of us – parents, advocates, educators, and legislators – have a responsibility to help children fulfill their potential and achieve their dreams. Tennis to College and Beyond is committed to helping each student-athlete gain a strong educational experience.  We assist students who want to enroll in any local or online school.

Life Skills

Tennis to College and Beyond’s goal is to inspire motivation and self-discipline while imparting skills and knowledge to prepare for excellence in college. With this solid foundation, we believe that each student will individually build strong characters that allow them to take on the world. We inspire learning through academic rigor, shared responsibility, and a culture of respect in which every student, parent, teacher and administrator plays a valuable role.


Tough Tennis Academy


Tough Tennis Academy originally started in 1997 with founder Ronen Graziani and coach Vimal Patel and after a couple years hiatus TTA started again in 2011.  With the help and recent return of Jesse Witten, an ATP ranked tennis player, Naples native and former Tough Tennis Academy student, TTA is in it’s second year with the 3 coaches.

With the extensive tennis experience of Ronen Graziani,  the countless coaching hours of Vimal Patel and the six years of professional tennis experience of Jesse Witten, Tough Tennis Academy is the optimal environment for developing fully as an athlete, scholar, and tennis individual.

Serving for their Future!

Any student athlete who receives financial help from Tennis To College and Beyond is required to maintain a certain GPA in school, as well as contribute a certain amount of Community Service hours to show their appreciation.